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Marlowe was part of of the company’s “Partner Program,” which provides popular broadcasters with the opportunity to make money off their streams, primarily through subscriptions to their channel and a tip jar through which their fans can send money directly.You Tube, Instagram, and other platforms also allow users to profit from their posts, mostly through ad revenue and sponsored content, but it is much harder to achieve the level of viral fame needed to make a living on those platforms.The trolls threatened to call her school and her family; they said they would tell her boyfriend that she was cheating on him.A smaller group of truly dedicated trolls—Scanlon estimated that there were about 10 of them—took it further, posting their own videos about her and actually contacting her family.Scanlon said she reported Marlowe to You Tube and You Now. You Tube deleted some of Marlowe’s videos and removed the ads from others, after determining the content wasn’t “advertiser-friendly.” (It also briefly suspended Marlowe’s account for unrelated violations.) But You Now did nothing, according to Scanlon (You Now declined to comment on individual users; Marlowe confirmed that at the time he had never been suspended or had a video taken down).After a short exchange of emails, a representative emailed Scanlon asking her to provide timestamps, noting the links she’d submitted were several hours long.

Marlowe, whose Twitter bio reads “I love #vegan drama and being #vamous,” is one of many vloggers who have adopted the strategy of amping up the drama for views. But most stop short of the particularly vicious trolling tactics that Marlowe and others on the platform employ.“I think we should give this fat bitch, who’s not even vegan”—he paused and sighed as he addressed his call-to-action to the camera—“a campaign to try and scare her off.”Marlowe then directed his public comments directly to Scanlon, saying, “You are going to get fucking trolled and hated as each day goes by.”This wasn’t what Scanlon, who is 33, had signed up for when she began vlogging in 2014.