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27-Dec-2017 06:53

If it is difficult for the instructor to understand what the student is saying, he or she should repeat back to the student what was said and look for verbal or non-verbal cues in order to make sure the student was heard correctly.

The teacher should not ignore the student or pretend that the student was heard.

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The teacher needs to be an active listener when the student is speaking to best interpret what is being said.Classroom Accommodations for Auditory Processing Disorder Auditory processing disorder (APD) makes it hard for kids to understand what they hear.And that can make it hard to function and learn in the classroom.The individual’s specific speech or language impairment should be examined before attempting to make modifications to the learning environment.

Individual education plans (IEPs) are designed to improve the student’s effective oral communication in the classroom with the goal of transferring such skills beyond high school.Opportunities to participate in classroom discussion should be provided to students with speech or language impairments as often as other students in the classroom.