Accommodating religious practices

16-Sep-2017 12:35

Some anti-cult groups have claimed that this decision was made because of local opposition from the public in Bombay.In reality, he moved there to establish an ashram (place of teaching) which would provide larger and more comfortable facilities for his disciples.Most of his Sannyasins came from Europe and India in the early years.In 1974, Osho moved from Bombay southward to Pune, India.

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He received "samadhi" (enlightenment in which his soul became one with the universe) on 1953-MAR-21 at the age of 21.Udupi, Jul 2: In response to the strong words used by pro-Hindu outfits during their protests in Udupi and Mangaluru on Sunday July 2 against the recent Iftar Souharda Koota at Sri Krishna Math, Sri Vishweshateertha Swamiji hit out at Sri Rama Sene and other fringe outfits saying that they have no knowledge about the sacred scriptures and hence have no right to protest.