Accomodating lenses

21-Dec-2017 06:25

Visual aid, from high magnification to low vision, is provided by a variety of special optics and instruments, including the Headband Binocular Loupe, Optivisor, Optivisor Light, Telescopic Spectacles, Recline Spectacles, Magnifiers, Mini Lighted Magnifiers, Jeweler's Loupes, and Reading Glasses.

Beyond ophthalmology, optometry, opticianry or dental applications, visual aids are valuable optical tools for hobby, craft and manufacturing applications as well as in the laboratory.

Your order is often prepared by the same friendly person who took it, and in most cases, is shipped the same day.

Schematic training eyes allow you to practice retinoscopy, ophthalmoscopy, and slit lamp biomicroscopy techniques.

Special eye models greatly help the eye surgeon explain specific procedures to patients, such as cataract, IOL, and LASIK models.

Western Ophthalmics has long been a resource for optometry students, missionary eye docotors, and optics educators, offering instruments such as the trial frame, trial lens set, skiascopic rack, confirmation test flippers and Jackson Cross Cylinder.

Other specialty refracting instruments, such as prism bars, prism sets, and Jannelli/Halberg trial lens clips are available as well.A good lensometer is imperative for efficient optical dispensing or optical laboratory work.

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