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Whether you’re talking to an audience of high school seniors or adult learners, their five-point plan gives you an easy template to follow for executing successful strategic marketing initiatives that will get your work noticed.Presented by David Roberts, Managing Director The Knowledge Partnership Whether here or across the Atlantic, the adult-student market poses a lot of challenges for higher education.She’ll tell you everything you need to know about planning a badge program at your institution, including tools you need, how to work with tenured faculty, identifying a faculty champion, and mitigating internal roadblocks and overcoming marketing challenges. Niles, Founder & Chief Evangelist Target X A recent study found that 19% of all higher ed technology purchases are made outside of the central IT department—meaning that campuses are spending billion annually on unmanaged, unmeasured, and often disconnected systems.Learn the importance of implementing a single interconnection solution for recruiting, enrolling, and retaining today’s adult student, all while improving your responsiveness, multiple-medium messaging, and proactive engagement.David Roberts, one of the UK’s most experienced higher education marketers, will shine some light on the adult-student population.From market trends, learner profiles, and segmentation to the differences and similarities between UK and US higher education models and what the two can learn from one another, you’ll gain insight and data that will help you better understand and communicate with your adult students.Fortunately, a great campaign can be done on a budget, and Kira Poplowski will show you how.

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Produced by the Chronicle of Higher Education, this book provides an eye-opening look into the future of higher education and how you can prepare for it.Presented by Darren White, Associate Vice President, Marketing & Communications Shelly Jackman, Art Director Texas Wesleyan University Hitting the right note in higher education marketing can be tricky.In this session, Darren White and Shelly Jackman will show you common mistakes higher ed marketers make (they know because they used to make them) and how to fix them.Brian will share stories of change in higher education dating back to his days as a graduate admissions director continually trying to improve enrollment efficiencies with innovative, proven technology that leads to happier, satisfied, successful adult students.

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Presented by Jami Hornbuckle, Assistant VP Communications & Marketing Morehead State University Higher education is becoming more and more diverse.This purpose of this advisory board is to shape the sessions and topics that will be presented at the conference.

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