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The cases are so similar and involve so many of the same people that Fuller’s informant report on the Butler shooting is included in the 1964 FBI file on the unsolved Walker killing.A page from the 1964 FBI file on the Clifton Walker murder, obtained by a Freedom of Information Act request.Whether Butler exposed himself to further violence by talking to investigators is unclear, but he soon faced a white mob himself. As on other Sunday mornings, he was working as a farmhand for a white couple, Louisa and Hayward Benton Drane.As he got to work in their barn, he found he was looking down the barrels of shotguns wielded by hooded men.

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According to the Department of Justice Notice to Close File, the official internal investigative summary and legal rationale for closing a case, the FBI did not interview any of the people who had been questioned in the Butler shooting.

The stories of Clifton Walker and Richard Joe Butler are intertwined in a number of ways, perhaps most notably that local Klansman Ed Fuller, a suspect in the Walker killing, was also indicted for the shooting of Butler.

After Butler was released from the hospital, he finished his recovery in hiding and then fled Mississippi — initially to Tennessee, then to Indiana and finally California.

A Mississippi Highway and Safety Patrol investigator had identified two possible suspects for the District Attorney to arrest.

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FBI documents also show that the DA said he had “insufficient evidence” to charge the suspects.This one in particular illustrates the frustrations and lack of progress made since Congress directed the FBI to retroactively solve dozens of the most violent murders from this tumultuous chapter in American history.