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22-Sep-2017 19:11

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In one of the answers you gave, you said that Catholics are condemned to hell.I thought that Catholics believed that Christ was their Lord and Savior, or am I confused?He also stated that he used the Scofield translation.Having just spent good money on a leather version of the NKJV Mac Arthur Study Bible, I feel somewhat confused. ) chose the Palestinian cannon, how could they be right, they rejected Christ? It has been my understanding and belief that the Bible's theme is The Glory of God - a pure doxological theme - of which Salvation is the #1 "program" others being God's program for Israel, His program for angels, etc.We are both really struggling with this question, "Do you have to be baptized to get to heaven?

I'm not sure what your concern is with Beth's comments that a person must confess with their mouths "Jesus is Lord." Can you clarify?I know a mother and father who believes their son has gotten a girl pregnant out of wedlock, and thus considers the baby under a curse and thus should be aborted, and says it is biblical to have the abortion. What does Scripture say about a pastor caught in adultery? Our church just discovered that our pastor has been having an affair for the last 3 months.