Are gerard way and frank iero dating

09-Oct-2017 09:21

Atlantis is on the moon, the IOA reorganized the SGC and the Lucian alliance is more and more dangerous.How will SG1 save the planet, again and put the Galaxy back in order?Will Jensen came to loved Jared when he absolutely despised the creature and will Jared be able to bear Jensen's abused and torture?

Based off of this prompt: Anyone not married by age 25 gets a spouse assigned to them by the government.

But the road for them being together will be dark, dangerous and full of suffering.

The Dark Order have conquered Britain and Harry Potter remains elusive. That was the life of Isak Valtersen, that was until it wasn't anymore when he and Even unexpectedly broke up.

A thousand years later he rises with an army of daemons to bring his wrath down upon the kingdom of Lucis.

The Kings of the time are driven almost to extinction until Ardyn takes pity upon them and offers them peace for a price.

That price is the first born child of every generation. Death is like invisible bullets flying everywhere we go.

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Reality: "Two years ago, I was single and dates were scarce — but at least I was busy and successful at work, with no money troubles," said Marylander Nadia, 34.… continue reading »

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