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When Heavy asked Lena if she would ever make the move in porn full-time, she said, “I don’t think so.” Lena adds that she has had offers from ten agencies.“I’m a little bit of a control freak and I prefer to work on my own so the private Snapchat thing makes way more sense for me.” Lena has attracted some criticism online for her sex tape promise.• I believe that such material does not offend the standard of the community in which I live.• It is not illegal to view such material in the community/locale in which I reside.[Users] also get to chat with me a bit here and there.” According to Lenas, the cost of membership is .99.Also featured on that site is Lena’s roommate, Emily Rinaudo, who features in some of Lena’s You Tube videos.

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When talking about her time in Sweden, Lena says, “I studied abroad in a small University town in the South of Sweden, a short train ride from Copenhagen, Denmark.Swedes are very nice but somewhat difficult to approach.