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In fact, STIs have doubled in 50-90-year-olds in the past 10 years.

Justin Gaffney is a sexual health nurse consultant and told us: “There is a degree of naivety in the older population in that they just don’t see that they are at risk of sexual infections.” In fact, older people become more anatomically susceptible to STIs as they age, and yet 64 per cent of our respondents who are either in new relationships or are dating, hadn’t sought sexual health advice.

Technically "a dating and lifestyle strategist," Edwards describes his business, The Professional Wingman, as "a company that helps men and women enhance their dating and social lives" and says his main goal is to increase his clients' odds of attracting -- and retaining -- the opposite sex.

If you've ever seen the Will Smith movie "Hitch," a romantic comedy revolving around the foibles of a professional "date doctor," consider yourself familiar with Edwards' job.

It seems everyone wants expert advice when it comes to managing their money, marketing their business and, apparently, improving their love lives.

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In fact, the Bureau of Labor Statistics says that the consulting industry is expected to grow by 83 percent from 2008 through 2018.

At the end of one e-mail from a guy I helped handle his divorce and move forward, he wrote, "You should get paid for this. When I started over a year ago, it was something I did on the side.

This is professional grade advice here." That made me think, but nothing really popped into my head until one night out with friends. That lasted three months and I quit my "day" job as a hotel manager since I had enough clients and gross income. How many clients have you worked with since starting the business?

Online dating has made sex more accessible for men and women over 60.

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But as well as offering the possibility of greater sexual fulfilment, the internet is also throwing up new challenges and dangers.Justin has had people come to him using household products as lubricants- shampoo, hand cream and even cooking oil.