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01-Dec-2017 17:47

The President has been consistently preoccupied with his ratings and the turnouts at his rallies.

Within hours of his inauguration, he punished the National Park Service for posting pictures of his ceremony which seemed to compare his crowds with a much higher turnout for Barack Obama.

Donald Trump has been criticised for airing his controversial views on everything from LGBT rights to climate change, and the terrorist attacks on America of September 2001 are no exception.

From his days as a real estate tycoon in New York to running a campaign for political office, the former reality TV star has whipped up controversy on several occasions surrounding an atrocity that killed close to 3,000 people.

At a primary season debate, candidate Mr Trump took his former rivals Marco Rubio and Jeb Bush to task for defending former President George W Bush.

He added: ”The World Trade Center came down because Bill Clinton didn't kill Osama bin Laden when he had the chance to kill him.

Or consider this Julian Baggini quote: “Goblins, hobbits… God is just one of the things that atheists don’t believe in, it just happens to be the thing that, for historical reasons, gave them their name.” Actually, no.

Perhaps we could say that God is just one of many things that but these are the ones that strike me most deeply right now.

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The then-presidential candidate said at a rally in Birmingham, Alabama, that people had celebrated the disaster across the water from the Twin Towers.

So hard that you will believe you are supposed to stay together forever. If the relationship was meant to be, it will work out even if you put other things first. Yes, the idea of someone sweeping you off your feet and rescuing you from the demons you battle sounds romantic. Don’t spend time with people that make you feel bad about yourself. Trust me, a year from now won’t regret leaving something that made you unhappy, you’ll wish you’d left it sooner. You do not need to have sex with someone to prove to them that you love them. If you feel pressure to have sex, remember that you have the right to say no.