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All this book event talk is making me miss BEA😔 Good thing I can print out all my lil memories with my @polaroid_zip☺️ | Any of you guys going to #YALLFest??📖💙 | #bookstagram #books #read #reading #sp #clickprintshare #polaroid #sharethefun A post shared by Emily Ables (@blueeyedbiblio) on captures the dual POVs of Kate and Mark, two gay classmates who bond during a chance encounter in San Francisco.Told through Deja's eyes, making it the perfect light read to satisfy your city dreams.This book follows high school senior Harper Anderson as she navigates New York City for a summer blogging gig at a popular teen magazine.Thanks for the votes😄😄😄 I loved Between Shades of Grey and have been wanting to read something by her since.I also met her in April and she's actually the nicest☺️📖💙 | #reading #read #bookstagram #books #salttothesea A post shared by Emily Ables (@blueeyedbiblio) on tells the story of Amanda, a transgender teen who changes schools after transitioning.who turn to Emily for her unique mix of insightful reviews and gorgeous book pics.

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I love everything that Victoria has published, especially the Darker Shade of Magic series, so I have no doubts that this is going to be *amazing*. This memoir offers a personal look at Jazz's journey as a public figure and LGBT activist, offering candid details on topics like dating, body issues, and school acceptance.It's about teens named Mark and Kate, both gay, both having their own romantic problems and finding friends in each other along the way. The plot has the five friends searching for mystical ley lines and a departed Welsh king who will grant them a wish, but the real beauty of the story is in their relationships.Make way for The Raven King👑 The last installment of the #The Raven Cycle (by @maggie_stiefvater) came out on April 26 and I still haven't started it because I don't want this series to end😩 If you haven't started this beautiful series yet, you honestly have to, it's one of my favorites.I decided my first BEA book read will be You Know Me Well by David Levithan and Nina La Cour!!

Actually, I'm already over halfway through it and probably going to finish it today. 😄💙📖 | #bookstagram #books #reading #read #bea #youknowmewell A post shared by Emily Ables (@blueeyedbiblio) on follows four teen boys who attend an expensive private school, and a girl whose family is made up entirely of psychics.Be warned: The story contains graphic details of rape and violence that sensitive readers might find disturbing.

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