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It didn't matter to her that those security guards appeared on security tapes talking to Natalee, and that they were rumored to sell drugs to kids in Aruba.

Anyway, the security guards turned out to be innocent.

You would say, that there were reasons enough to investigate them, and actually in the US that's a routine procedure, to investigate the family in any disapparition or murder case. The report mentions the Mansurs by name and portrays them as criminals who were associated with criminal organizations involved in drugs trafficking, gun trafficking and laundering money obtained from criminal activities.

Despite the fact that the report was classified as top secret it was leaked to the press and its contents became public.

A few days ago I was looking at a crime website for one of my investigations.

There was a link to an article about the Holloway case.

It is said by the Aruban police that there were even calls being made from The White House to the office of the Aruban Prime Minister.

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The enmity between the Bush administration and the government of Hugo Chavez is good known. But why were the Americans so opposed to the fact that the Aruban Law Enforcement would investigate the Holloway-Twitty family? It turns out that Jug Twitty is a money launderer for the international mafia and is also an arms dealer for the US government. The report by the Dutch Internal Security Service draws a picture of security in Aruba and mentions that foreign services fighting crime in the region are almost unanimous in their opinion that the predominant image of the Aruban business community is one of joint services towards (laundering specialists of) regional drug cartels.

For me this case didn't have much mystery, Joran van der Sloot was guilty and that was about it. A conspiracy that goes up to the highest echelons of power.

But I only knew about the case from the mainstream media. A conspiracy with devastating consequences: two deaths(Paulus van der Sloot and Stephany Flores), one disappeared(Natalee Holloway), an innocent man in prison(Joran van der Sloot) and millions of tax-payer money thrown away. Natalee Holloway was supposed to be at the hall of the hotel where she was staying at am of May 30th 2005.

But did she really think that they were responsible for the kidnapping or the murder of her daughter.

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Did she know that Natalee left of her own free will and she wanted to let Joran and his friends pay for it? Did she think that Natalee escaped as she told her she would do and now somebody was hiding her?That means that Beth Holloway was on her way to Aruba before her daughter was declared missing. Once she was already in Aruba, Beth didn't go directly to the police.