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The observation room was now our catch all storage room.

I could watch the continuing action and they would never know.

Afterword he left a sticky note inside here drawer. "IF YOU LIKE WHAT YOU SAW, COME TO MY OFFICE WHEN YOU GET OFF AND I WILL SHOW YOU MORE." I could hardly wait till the end of the day as I had a great plan for this.

Matts office was an old Psych lab room that had a two way mirror for observation, back in the day.

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What was surprising to me was hearing her flirting back.My Secretary/Executive Assistant is a beautiful elegant woman, somewhere in her early forties is my best guess, but looks 30.She is one of those women who never tell their age, but pride themselves on looking younger than they are.Our offices are in an old building on a large university campus, as part of their entrepreneurial incubation program.

We were in our 3rd year in the facilities and would be able to be here for about 2 more years before needing to move out.

She is a smart committed team member that has put in some long hours when needed. I have to admit, she was the object of my thoughts more than once during my masturbation sessions.

"Hoping to improve the possibilities of the transgender community, the budget committee of the San Francisco Board of Supervisors on Thursday, June 29, approved 0,000 in the 2006 budget toward the "Comprehensive Transgender Employment Initiative," an effort geared toward transgender economic empowerment.… continue reading »

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