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25-Aug-2017 15:18

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Not because it’s notice or pay heed to that which confirms your pre-existing belief.

If you believe no woman could possibly find you attractive, you will elide over all evidence to the contrary – women flirting with you, giving you the “come-hither” stare or even just smiling at you – and focus like a laser on every incidence of negativity.

Not everybody is cut out for traditional monogamy, for polyamory, for kink, for vanilla sex…

but that doesn’t stop them from trying to force themselves into the model because they Trying to fit into a personality type that’s so diametrically opposed from our real self is like trying to force yourself into shoes that don’t fit; you’re uncomfortable at best and the potential benefits are vastly outweighed by downsides.

There’s a reason why “just be yourself” is one of the most annoyingly useless advice cliches out there.

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It can be tempting to rationalize this away: after all, why wouldn’t someone take being desired as a compliment? The longer this goes on, the more you’re becoming convinced more than ever that this whole dating/sex/talking to other people thing is something that do and you’d be better off weighing the pros and cons of a monastic life of quiet desperation and a poetic death via alcoholism interspersed with self-pitying and slightly arch animated gif parades on Tumblr or women being bitches or any number of other things I told myself to explain my failures away.

She has recently started introducing my husband and me as her daughter’s “grandparents.” Tonight she asked for details about my father so her daughter could include them in a paper she is writing about her “family.” The daughter’s father and his current wife had twins recently, and I understand from her mother that she is somewhat jealous. … continue reading »

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Some commentators have argued that by selecting this primary date rather than the general election, the North Carolina Republican-controlled legislature circumvented the democratic-spirit of a public vote on the issue. The decision affirmed the February 13 ruling from U. Since the 4th Circuit also covers Maryland, West Virginia, North and South Carolina, the decision by the Supreme Court to refuse review meant the 4th Circuit decision stood as case law in the other states. … continue reading »

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She also had a full, slightly heavy, hourglass figure.… continue reading »

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