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21-Nov-2017 23:15

The rule applies to Bolton At Home-branded vehicles, public offices and any personal vehicles used for work and for which an employee claims 'essential or casual car allowance'.

Staff have also been told not to use work mobile phones to check World Cup scores because it is too expensive.

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“We were stunned that there were people coming off the flight,” he said.

Only check job offers and approved placement agencies at the official POEA website –

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Ms Jones said: “I feel very guilty that we’re home. People were contacting family back in the UK to find out what was going on.” Thomas Cook has over 4,000 customers in Cuba, as well as 1,500 in the Dominican Republic.

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The firm has sent 14 members of its Special Assistance team to Cuba, and a further six to the Dominican Republic.

'All we want to do is show our support for the England football team in the World Cup but we are in effect being told it is racist to start waving the England flag.'A ban would be bad enough on company cars but these are our own vehicles and we should be allowed to do what we like with them.