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21-Jun-2017 09:04

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Subsequently, after the completion of studies, she turned her footsteps to the fashion world.

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Still her marriage is waiting in search of the better half, who could fulfill her life with the different colors of happiness.

In 2005, public sights have also encountered her with Nick Carter.

Other more rumors have been found since her indulgence to the professional career.

‘One thing led to the next, and we made love during halftime,’ she says. Now however, Chandler thinks Phelps may leave her after telling her truth.

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‘I am probably going to lose him because he is a brand that his team wants to protect and things since he went to rehab came to my attention that didn’t put him or our relationship in the best light,’ she says.As a teenager however Chandler went on testosterone blockers and had her name changed and then, in her early twenties, underwent corrective surgery to get rid of her male genitalia.

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