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Al-Mutlaq alluded to a Prophetic saying that asserts that “a man and a woman cannot unite without having Satan in their midst” to drive home his point.

He urged both men and women to avoid the pitfalls of sin, which violate religious codes of conduct.

During the radio session, he cited incidents where women had virtually spoken to men on the Web to give advice on certain issues, only to have the men become attached to them. Al-Mutlaq’s advice evoked several varied responses on Twitter.

Most of the sheikh’s followers on Twitter are women who debated the content of his “fatwa” (edict).

Many agreed with Al-Mutlaq, saying his point of view is similar to that of the late Sheikh Abdullah ibn Jibreen, who forbade Muslims from chatting with strangers on the premise that such exchanges would lead to temptation, and ultimately, sin.

powered ministers and businessmen last week.) But activist women have been campaigning for the right to drive for years.

Startled, my brother jumped up and rushed to the entry. The specific citation was “driving while female.” My brother had been sitting beside me, in the passenger seat, and then had sat next to me again for five hours inside the Thuqbah traffic police station, a two-story, nondescript concrete government building with a sturdy fence all around and a detention room where drivers could be held for hours or even days.

I stayed slightly behind, feeling the night air rush in as he pulled open the door. There was only one detention space in the station, and it was only for men.

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My brother slammed the door shut and locked the bolt. I still didn’t even know exactly who “they” were, but I realized I had to tell someone what was happening. I’d reached out to her when I’d first become interested in proving that women could legally drive. In the confusion, I didn’t know that at that very moment one of my colleagues from Aramco, Omar al-Johani, was hiding behind a bush very close to my house.

Though driving by women is not technically illegal, it has been banned in practice.

Many have risked arrest and imprisonment by defiantly driving and using social media to bring attention to the cause. The second knock on the door quickly followed the first.

Chatting between unrelated males and females on social networking sites is forbidden in Islamic law, said Abdullah Al-Mutlaq, a member of the committee of senior scholars.

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Al-Mutlaq said that having one-on-one chatting sessions is a form of “khulwa,” the Islamic term for free mixing, which he said is a gateway to sin.When they finally left, they were still so excited and happy — and so was I, thinking, Well, now no one can stop us. I could not work, attend school, or travel without his permission. She suggested I call the local police and ask if a warrant had been issued for my arrest.

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