Can carbon dating trusted

25-Aug-2017 21:53

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All the main contenders get much of their energy from renewable sources.

Iceland has gone the furthest, already achieving almost complete carbon neutrality in heating buildings and in electricity generation.

"We are a nice little country of petroholics and that has made us lazy", he says.

Iceland's "central challenge" was "transport and industry, including fishing", while Costa Rica faced the special circumstances of being a developing country.

It has just released a plan of action, which relies heavily on planting trees to soak up emissions.

Last year it planted five million of them, a world record, and the banana industry – the country's largest exporter – has promised to go carbon neutral.

In fact one UN member state already claims to have beaten then all.

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The Vatican announced last September that it was becoming the world's first – but is widely held to have cheated.Only 1 per cent of its homes are heated by fossil fuels, and 99 per cent of its electricity is generated by geothermal and hydroelectric power.