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Jane - even as a retired gentleman of leisure I find ways to enrich my existence - for example, this coming week I'll be lining up sponsorship for this years annual Slim Whitman Look-a-Like Contest, a big event in these parts.......

I know, I know, you're dying to be me - still, there is a void I can't seem to fill and can't quite put my finger on it - oh, I know what it is - I'm turning blue out here waiting for the release of "Maleficarum" so I can can view your girl-next-door good looks to be bound, tormented, tortured and burned at the stake - after the string of bad movies of late I'm chomping at the bit - any update on a release date?

Your mix of comments, updates, and self-aware personal observations (oh, and did I mention your beauty? Most of us know better than to take pornography outside the U. Imagine bringing a ZFX video to Saudi Arabia, for example...(hmm, sounds like a plotline for ZFX, using female video smugglers). an actual person would have to be depicted; a cartoon or comic depicting young-looking sexual characters wouldn't be enough for a child pornography case per se, although I do know of prosecutions involving computer generated imagery that was photorealistic.

) are perfect examples of what makes this a special place. BTW, manga are Japanese comics; anime is animation. the comic book version of the anime video would be Manga). However, the issue of obscenity is a different matter.

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And I'd rather not keep having the same discussions over the same material.

To Jane and Margot: I have been eagerly anticipating Maleficarum, that I mean I CAN'T WAIT. Or how about a branding crucifixion stretching combo from Day of Wrath? ------- Sloth wrote: ...speaking of our friend Brutus - have you heard from him - he seems to have taken an extended hiatus and I miss his input.

Incredibly sexy women (check), actual uncut naked torture scenes (check), and a NAKED BATS SCENE!!!! I checked the archives and saw that he posted frequently in early July, but then disappeared from the board.

It's just my take..., which is due to be released straight to DVD sometime before the end of the year, probably around Halloween.

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It has been rated R for strong bloody sadistic violence and torture, sexuality/nudity and pervasive language. Insomniac - there may be another red flag on "Hostel III" - direct to video - of course that's a double edged sword so you're right, we will wait and see - thanks for the heads up.Until then, the posts will come, we just need some good stuff to talk about!

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