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Video surveillance - for or against Abuse of the elderly Gun control in the USA Legalising euthanasia Euthanasia Women in France Female genital mutilation Women's rights - mini dossier Casual sexism Prostitution - a prostitute's account AS level texts Legalisation of c****bis Holidays Drug taking in sport Olympic Games Football terms crossword - not a text Advertising alcohol on the internet The French and alcohol The French and alcohol (2) Health questionnaire task The potato!

Risks of eating red meat Stress - forum answers and comprehension Smoking Matching task for above Listening task to go with above E-cigarettes E-cigarettes - WHO report 2014 Do overweight people live longer?

from 1jour1question Genetic Modification – from F3/You Tube International Space Station – from AFP/You Tube Short film – passé composé – from Vimeo Economic growth explained – from Vimeo/1jour1actu/France TV Food waste – from Youtube/France TV One-upmanship game Algerian War Pictures of famous French people for whiteboard Pairwork on French slang Pictures for story telling Scene for creative discussion Prompts for creative discussion and writing – lots of conditionals What is the state of the world now?

Pairwork tennis match Cinderella story for pair work task Talking about TV board game Talking about new technologies board game Talking about advertising board game Talking about cinema board game Talking about music board game Talking about fashion board game Talking about sport board game Talking about health board game Talking about holidays board game Talking about family life board game Talking about relationships board game Talking about education board game Snakes and ladders conversation game (thanks to Musselburgh G.

AS grammar booklet This booklet of 14 cloze and multi-choice exercises replaces all the separate sheets which were displayed here separately. Triggers and Conjugated Verbs Part 4: Infinitive verbs Part 5: Reading activity Present subjunctive - regular Present subjunctive - irregular Je veux que.. Subjunctive oral/written drills Subjunctive oral/written drills (2) Subjunctive or not?

Subjunctive crossword Subjunctive dominoes Subjunctive sentences to translate Subjunctive exercises Subjunctive - formation and uses Passive voice Past historic tense These are aimed at A-level (Year 2) students (age 17-18).

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Some are designed as lectures for note-taking on areas of cultural interest.

Père-noëChristmas presents Ghosts and vampires Haunted house story Mexican fishermen story Les DOM-TOMs Gapfill task for comprehension and grammar (based on a fait divers) A2 level texts Anglicisms in French A-Z of French grammar terminology Lateral thinking stories for discussion Reading task on exam howlers These can be read by the teacher or recorded.

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