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: _ Module 1: First Impressions The four emotions that will guarantee an amazing first impression, regardless of who you’re meeting What questions to ask and more importantly, how to know when you should NOT be asking questions Body language tips to make a great first impression in just a few seconds How to to exude positive energy so people love talking to you How to answer common questions like, “Where are you from? ” in a way that gets people intrigued by you Video breakdowns of great first impressions for you to model Module 2: Confidence How to build rock solid confidence that you can tap into it in the situations you need it most, like with superiors Emotional control so you can make sure your nerves never get the best of you Inner Game exercises that help you eliminate self-doubt Psychologically backed practices to go from feeling nervous to feeling confident in less than 2 minutes How to solidify your confidence so you maintain it and don’t clam up in groups of people you don’t know Be able to connect with older, more successful business mentors and make them eager to help you get where they already are Feel confident at parties WITHOUT having to beeline for the bar and hold a drink at your chest all night Module 3: Expert Conversation How to deal with small talk so that you quickly make people interested in connecting more meaningfully Excerises you can do at home so you never run out of things to say when speaking with someone in real life How to start conversations that keep themselves going How to avoid those awkward moments of silence where the other person politely excuses themselves How to lead conversation in a way that makes people respect you without feeling dominated by you Two modes of conversation that will take you from initial pleasantries to genuine connection (without getting stuck talking about the weather) Module 4: Storytelling How to tell stories that get people hanging on your every word and have them asking “What happened next!?

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Imagine when your friends jaws drop as they see you flirting with the hottest women - and walking away with phone numbers and dates, while they just embarrass themselves over and over again.

You'll understand why she acts the way she does even when she doesn't really even understand her own motivations.

Look, if you're a guy who wants to succed with women - you have to understand that the game has already changed for you.

There was a time once when you could just hope for a good woman to fall in your lap, but not anymore.

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With online dating and all the options that women have now, you must have the right conversation tools to beat the other guys out there trying to capture the same top-quality women that you want.

It sounds crazy I know, but this will show you that there is really nothing to worry about in the first place, because even if a chick isn’t ready nothing bad happens… Ok, that’s it for this time, for more info on this kinda thing Watch this: FREE VIDEO that explains how to get a girl to kiss you FIRST!

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