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27-Aug-2017 05:42

She is an unknown name in Bollywood as of now but after this film, she’ll surely be talked about.

HISTORY OF THE KURDISH LANGUAGE INTRODUCTION Any attempt to study or describe the history of the Kurdish (Kd.) language(s) faces the problem that, from Old and Middle Iranian times, no predecessors of the Kurdish language are yet known; the extant Kurdish texts may be traced back to no earlier than the 16th century CE.

He's quirky, talkative and diametrically opposite to Jaya. Yogi claims that he has dated three girls in his life and they all miss him a lot still. Yogi however remains adamant on his claims and tells her to join him in meeting them. How this trip takes their relationship forward forms the rest of the film. The opening credits very well explain how lonely Jaya is. The mischief that Yogi does with the lecherous men who had pinged Jaya on the dating app is sure to bring the house down.

The real fun however begins when their trip commences and the various mishaps that happen on the way add to the fun. The Alwar episode has its moments but the film drags and the interest level drops.

For the study of the evolution of Kurdish, these 400-odd years are not really relevant; one therefore has to try to reconstruct the earlier stages of Kurdish by comparing the available Kd.

data to those from other Iranian languages and dialects, past and present.

The nuances and subtle hints are nicely inserted in the film. Also the film moves at a slow pace and the Alwar episode is a bit of a downer. The lensman has captured the locales of Rishikesh, Rajasthan and Gangtok beautifully.

Gazal Dhaliwal’s dialogues are one of the highpoints of the film. Tanuja Chandra’s direction is neat and the film is drastically different from the intense films that she has made in the past. Irrfan Khan yet again delivers a spectacular performance. Chandan Arora’s editing is fair although few scenes are slightly stretched. Maria Tharakan and Kirti Kolwankar’s costumes are eye catching, especially the ones worn by Irrfan.

She signs up on a dating website and meets a 40 year old poet Yogi (Irrfan Khan).

Also, the two main characters are well written which helps the film stand out.

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