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10-Sep-2017 23:38

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“It’s not an ambition I’ve ever had, to talk about sex with Bill, but I’m happy to chat about it.

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He was candid, relaxed and good-humored, often breaking into his boyish chuckle.We won’t sleep together, we’ll just hang out a lot in some sort of maybe we’re flirting, maybe we’re not ego-feeding haze, until we make out one night in the car and it gets awkward and we stop texting each other 15 times a day and maybe start hanging out with some other people.9) Let’s pretend we really honestly like each other, but have no idea how to get a functional relationship started, because we both just usually go along with whoever is persistent enough.7) Let’s pretend you like to think of yourself as a the main character in Bonfire of the Vanities, rich and handsome and with a genetic imperative to fuck everyone and spread your perfect seed around.

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And since I have a Tom Wolfe complex and like having guys spend money on me, I’ll just go along with it, even though you insufferably won’t stop talking about yourself, and yes I saw you swallow that pill right before dinner, and I know it’s either heart medication or viagra but either way hanging out with you makes me feel young and like maybe my life isn’t on the worst kind of path because at least I can pretend to be superior to you because I’m artsy and not cheating on my wife.

The British actor was dressed in a Neil Barrett jacket, Everlane trousers and Salvatore Ferragamo shoes. He sported a full beard, which prompted the question: Does his wife, singer-actress Amelia Warner, like him with facial hair?

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