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The comments which have been left below by other readers are not the opinions or words of the owner of this website. Can I have your permission to post a link on the SH forum to this item in your blog?It would really tidy up the thread and provide closure for an increasing (I guess) number of folks.Long story short, that's how I found the Bill's Club.Randi was right, at least from my point of view: it is amazing.I enjoy giving head, but I've never been a real fan of getting it– in general, oral does a lot of nothing for me. He was a sweetheart in every way– faithful, hard-working, generous– especially in bed. I'd have gone on killing time like that for who-knows-how-long, if I hadn't heard about the Bill's Club. I made some joke about shoe-shopping with someone else's credit card, but Randi wouldn't let it go. For a minute I thought she was making a pass, which, okay, Randi is hot, but I personally prefer a lover to be otherwise equipped. Sexual fantasies, I mean." I nodded, not convinced I wanted to know where she was headed with this conversation.Even when a guy manages to get me off that way, my orgasm tends to be less memorable than the ones I have while being fucked or fingered. I don't know what he was doing, but he'd hold me open, stick his fingers in my pussy, start licking, and I could NOT stop coming. I should have asked him to jot down a few instructions for the next guy. He could go for hours, and after he was done, he'd hold me in his lap while he watched baseball or hockey, finger-fucking me to orgasm after orgasm. –o– I was having dinner with my best friend one Friday night after work; we were laughing our asses off, a bottle and a half of wine down, with neither of us paying much attention to our food, when she lowered her voice and leaned across the table. But, no, Randi was just getting closer to make sure no one else would hear what she was about to tell me. My name's Samantha, but everybody calls me Sim, because of my initials. "Well–- " She glanced around again, and I blinked back an eye-roll.It's worth knowing that if you do have an engineer visit (even a free one) your Sky Plus box is under warranty again for 3 months, so any further callouts in that time are free with no quibbles.

Finally, after centuries of discrimination, the vag pays off. It's basically a matchmaking service for people with specific sexual fantasies– any kind of fantasy that doesn't involve killing or kids, that is, because that's just sick.

Once this is done, disconnect the digibox from the mains power again and this time press and hold the 'back up' button whilst you reconnect the mains power.

Continue holding it for about 15 seconds until 3 lights on the front of the box come on and you get a full-screen message saying "Updating system software. If you've not been so lucky, you'll have to get Sky to fix it for you.

Actually attempting to fulfill my myriad and multifaceted sexual daydreams was never getting anywhere near my to-do list, I thought.

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I stuck to serial monogamy, occasionally play-acting with a current beau, but never coloring too far outside the lines.

It's seriously NON-serious, and I have no idea when I'll get around to writing/editing more, but with that in mind... Thank you a thousand times for the comments, hearts, and stars. In real life, I thought, two men would irritate me.