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CHEOPS is the first ESA space mission, under Swiss management.The mission important contributions from 10 other member states.For those planets of known mass, the density will be revealed, providing an indication of the structure.These key features will help us to understand the formation of planets in the Earth-to-Neptune mass range.Please find more informationen about the mission on the CHEOPS page.Until late in 1993, it was generally believed that no artefacts or relics of any kind were found inside the Giza pyramids that might be contemporary with the construction of the monuments and, consequently, that no organic material, such as wood, human bones or textile fibres, was available to scientists that could be used for dating the pyramids by the Carbon 14 method [1].It is clear, however, that CHEOPS is expected with all testing completed and ready by the end of 2018. CHEOPS will be shot into an earth orbit along with another payload.

El Gayar and Jones also pointed out that the plate's dimension of 26 x 26 cm. Through these documents I then traced the articles published in Nature and The Graphic. Vivian Davies, the curator of the Egyptian Antiquities at the British Museum.

It is thus an ideal sample that could be Carbon 14 dated in order to give an accurate age for the construction of the pyramid.

So far, however, this wooden rod has not yet been retrieved by Dr.

In September 1872 a British engineer, Waynman Dixon, working in Egypt was requested by Piazzi Smyth, the Astronomer Royal of Scotland, to undertake for him some casual exploration inside the Great Pyramid [7]. The relics are now displayed at the British Museum's Egyptian section.

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It was around this time that Dixon discovered the openings of the two shafts on the south and north walls of the Queen's Chamber. Edwards, the curator of the Egyptian Antiquities Department. We will all recall that in March 1993 the German Engineer, Rudolf Gantenbrink, explored the shafts of the Queen's Chamber in the Great Pyramid using a miniature robot fitted with a video camera.But carbon 14 dating revealed that the bones were from the early Christian era and the lid was determined to be from the Saite Period [4]. Although iron cannot be carbon dated, the story of its discovery and testing is worth being reminded of here in view of the possible huge implications it might bear on the Pyramid Age. Hill found the plate embedded in a joint on the south face of the monument near or within the entrance of the so-called air-channel.