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Later the Dutch took over in 1641 until much later the British empire ruled Malacca.The state finally obtained independence with the then "Malaya states" in 1957. The design is based on the description of the palace from the sixteenth-century 'Malay Annals,' or 'Sejarah Melayu.' It is the only building of its kind in Malaysia, and it provides a rare glimpse of the ancient Malay kingdom that once flourished located in Kampung Duyong where Hang Tuah was born and spent his childhood among four of his good friends who would later become the famous warriors of Malacca Sultanate.The well is said to be the abode of his soul which takes the apparition of a white crocodile.

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Two of the Malacca Sultanate's well-known warriors and champion of justice.Malacca was founded by a fleeing prince from Sumatra in 14th century, it developed into a major trading port for ships from India and China.