Closed system radiometric dating

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The Robey Trust is a museum and restoration centre dedicated to the preservation of Robey machinery including traction engines, rollers, stationary engines, pumps and other items.Afterwards, Peter Daniel led a fossick around Tavistock to look at the canal basin, foundries, mills, railway features, etc..Visits to Dents Glove Factory Museum, where members saw many historic examples of Dents gloves and heard how they still make traditional high quality leather gloves in their award-winning modern factory, and to the Museum at Warminster Library for a virtual tour of the town.

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The danger of grounding that the extreme tidal range posed to shipping caused a decline in Bristols importance as a port.

All Bristols rivers drain to the River Avon, which in turn flows into the Severn Estuary.

Since the latter has the second highest tidal range in the world (the highest is in the Bay of Fundy by the way) this creates further drainage problems for the city.

In 1825 the Mylnes Culvert was constructed to take this flow under the Floating Harbour to discharge into the New Cut.

Major schemes have continued in the 200 years since.

The Northern Storm Water Interceptor tunnel, built in the 1950s, is 12 km long and takes water from the Frome at Eastville and discharges it in the Avon Gorge.