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31-Jul-2017 08:37

Your advice regarding women with unusual or difficult schedules is spot-on. She’s been either in school or a high-powered job her entire life. The last straw was when she decided to work at a year-long weekend festival both Saturday and Sunday mornings.

Sadly, I’m going to have to end a fairly good relationship tomorrow with a smart, cute, funny woman. She had been working Saturday when we met and I was okay with that.

The thing is she genuinely loves me and I know she will be hurt when she gets the news that this is just too hard for me.

We often overhear others using coded, cryptic language and sometimes wonder if they could possibly be referring to drugs.It’s not a money thing but more of a do-gooder thing to her.In any case, she took my understanding a little for-granted and added the second day before mentioning it to me.If you have a boyfriend who only has one night a week for you, I would encourage you to dump him as well, no matter how much you loved him. do something specific for a relationship they really care about.

Relationship needs are relationship needs and people who refuse to compromise – regardless of gender – can’t be too surprised when they find themselves alone. I’m not sure he’s giving her the chance to make things work.The sad part is that she really doesn’t perceive that her life is inaccessible for a man.

If they have even the slightest doubt about your intentions they will hold back.… continue reading »

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For online Asian dating, these sites offer a range of ways to find potential partners and vary from paid subscription services to free sites.… continue reading »

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