Consolidating your itunes library dating for people with learning disabilities

03-Oct-2017 17:58

Due to the large size of most i Tunes libraries, consolidating them isn't as simple as burning a CD and loading it on the new computer.

Luckily, there are a number of methods--some free, some with small costs--that can make this process easier.

Step 12: Drag the i Tunes folder from your Mac and drop it on the external drive on the desktop.

Now’s the right time to fix yourself a cup of coffee because copying a multi-gigabyte i Tunes library is going to take a while.

To consolidate libraries, turn on Home Sharing on all the computers you want to merge and then drag and drop the files to the computer that will store the merged library.

You'll find the shared computers in the left-hand column of i Tunes.

All those apps and media you have purchased and downloaded over the years pile and clog up your Mac’s precious storage.

Tip: You can switch between different i Tunes libraries at any time by holding down the Option (⌥) key (Mac) or Shift (⇧) key (Windows) when launching i Tunes.

When that section turns blue, the songs are moving to the new library.

But with one-terabyte external hard drives retailing for less than on Amazon, there are no excuses not to spring for external storage to move that humongous i Tunes library of yours on.

This post takes you step-by-step through the process of consolidating your i Tunes library and moving it to an external drive in a way that will preserve your playlists, ratings and other interactions, so you won’t miss a beat.

Now click the File tab and make sure the file path in the Location section points to the i Tunes folder on the external drive, not to the old i Tunes folder on your Mac.

You’d be amazed how much of your Mac’s storage is wasted on the i Tunes library.At the end of the traaining video you hit, "I Agree" and you have passed training!

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