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21-Jan-2018 12:02

But when broken out by demographic, it is clear that the younger generations will continue to drive shopping to the digital front.

The survey revealed that 67% of Millennials and 56% of Gen Xers prefer to search and purchase on ecommerce sites rather than in-store.

To date, no one has decoded exactly how, when and why the modern American makes a purchase.

What we do know though is that nobody today shops exclusively through a single medium.

This goes hand in hand with data from the National Retail Federation for the 2015 holiday season.

For the first time ever, more Americans shopped online for holiday items — but it was a narrow win.

As you’ll see later on, having an online presence on multiple channels can pay off big time profit-wise.

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It’s a complex process, and it’s why omni-channel selling is so important.

This differs from traditional marketing, where individual channels were optimized without necessarily taking the whole experience into mind. Here's how other marketing leaders define omni channel: Typically, omni-channel retailers aren’t startups.

They also aren’t web-only shops, which means they have the capital to put some feet on the ground. What isn’t, is the idea of seamlessness and retailer sophistication.

What customer, for example, would have asked for the microwave oven, Velcro or Post-It Notes?

At the time the transistor was being developed, radio and television manufacturers were still requesting improved vacuum tubes.”We offer these survey results as important data in furthering the understanding of the modern consumer, which can then be used to distill the omni-channel customer experience down to recognizable touchpoints.

This information only tells you what the customer is doing.

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