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When the server sends the response back to the client, there is an outgoing chain for the server and an incoming one for the client. The source code for these interceptors (latest trunk version) can be viewed with this Fisheye query.Additionally, in the case of SOAPFaults, a CXF web service will create a separate outbound error handling chain and the client will create an inbound error handling chain. Phase; public class Attachment In Interceptor extends Abstract Phase Interceptor Extending from sub-classes of Abstract Phase Interceptor allows your interceptor to access more specific information than those in the Message interface. Extending from Abstract Phase Interceptor allows your interceptor to access the methods of the Message interface. For example, Soap Action In Interceptor is used in CXF to parse the SOAP action, as a simplified version of it shows below:import For example, Attachment In Interceptor is used in CXF to turn a multipart/related message into a series of attachments. Using these exception resolvers allows you to define custom behaviors (such as returning a SOAP Fault) in case such exceptions get thrown.

I am trying to do all possible configuration using annotation and want to avoid all xml based configuration.

Operation Info; public class Soap Action In Interceptor extends Abstract Soap Interceptor You can add your interceptors into the interceptor chain either programmatically or through configuration. My Interceptor my Interceptor = new My Interceptor(); Server server = server Factory Bean.create(); Endpoint()In Interceptor().add(my Interceptor); import org.endpoint. ; // created from Client Proxy Factory Bean or generated JAX-WS client //You could also call client Proxy Factroy In Interceptor().add(my Interceptor) to add the interceptor Client cxf Client = Client Client(client); cxf In Interceptors().add(my Interceptor); // then you can call the service Something(); @org.interceptor.

My Interceptor my Interceptor = new My Interceptor(); Foo Service client = ...

by extending the Payload Validating Interceptor class. I have tried overriding the "add Interceptor" of the Ws Configurer Adaptor class to register the interceptor.

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As shown in the tutorial, this custom validator interceptor then needs to be registered using the following xml configuration: However, I am not sue how to do the above configuration using annotation. Please let me know if I need to do that or what is the correct way of doing the entire thing using annotations.This greatly simplifies the deloyment of the schemas, which still making it possible to edit them separately. In addition to a supporting server, you will need to use Java Mail version 1.4.1 or higher.

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