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This will make them feel more comfortable with exploring less conventional options, as they know that you’ve taken the time to do things their way. Virgos aren’t particularly focused on how well their mate dresses; they’d rather see you own whatever it is that you decide to put on for the day.This earth sign believes in individuality, and there’s nothing more sexy to them than someone who is comfortable in their own clothing.Highly intelligent, with an excellent memory and an analytical mind, Virgo has a thinking process that is crystal-clear.They are critical in nature, with the possibility of becoming hyper-critical to a fault, especially of themselves if they are not careful. They get lots of things done, yet have particular ways that they must do them.But if you happen to be captivated by one, they will treat you like the king or queen that you are with no hesitation, and they will accept you for you …authentically.

While there is no evidence that astrological signs impact personality, you can try looking to the stars for guidance when chasing a Virgo man. You will never have a more loyal, loving partner and friend.

Like God’s technical support crew, Virgo weaves things together into a whole, making the world work.