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The secret lay not only in the clinical precision with which Dr.Sebastian set to work but also the dedication of certain hours of the day – maybe five, for his work.His quest for knowledge on Sri Lanka spurred him to search bookshops as well as the internet for more books on the country.Scouting book fairs in London on Sundays, he had been the most frequent hand-raiser at international book auctions.As his eyes take on a far-away look, as if he’s wishing he were some place else last Tuesday, instead of a five-star hotel in Colombo, the image he creates is stark and moving, bringing out the very essence of this country. Anton Sebastian this was a “breathtaking moment” as if he had walked into a page of the Mahavamsa………if time had stood still for thousands of years untouched by civilization, under the watchful eyes of the gigantic trees that stooped to take an eternal dip into King Dhatusena’s gift to Sri Lanka – the Kala Wewa.The majestic Kala Wewa, the lonely figure of a yellow-robed monk, seated on a rock reading, in the intense heat of the sun, while a villager pays homage at a small temple dedicated to King Dhatusena. The Aukana temple nearby, perched on a small hill at the edge of the jungle with its massive stone-carved Buddha was a replay of ancient Lanka for him.

Sebastian and it was while at home in Surbiton, a suburb of London, cataloguing the books in his personal library, more than 5,000, and some dating back to the 16th century that he felt propelled towards writing the history of his motherland.

MS was acknowledged at the time of Indian Independence as the “Nightingale of India”.

Blessed with a divine voice,immeasurable talent and ethereal beauty she captivated the hearts and minds of innumerable fans.

Hundreds of history books have been written about Sri Lanka, according to Dr.

Sebastian, and he felt his passion was not an excuse to add burden to the reader’s purse and shelf.

Kumudini Hettiarachchi and Aanya Wipulasena speak to Dr.