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It has always perplexed me that how scholars find out whether an art work is contemporary with the original scheme or is a later addition.

Scholars unanimously agree that the sculptures on the caves at Kanheri were added during the Mahayana phase.

Present high population density has very different reasons altogether however it appears that this island would have been quite populated in the ancient and medieval times.

This can be derived from the number of caves, monasteries and shrines excavated on the single hill of Kanheri and similar complexes nearby like that of Jogeshwari, Mahakali and Mandapeshvar.

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There has been an interesting story related to the tooth relic of Buddha.This is one of the most populated island in the world.This island is bounded by Vasai Creek on the north, Ulhas River on the north-east, Thane Creek and Bombay Harbor on the east and by the Arabian Sea on the south and west.The location of the hill lying over an ancient trade route would have provided an opportunity for the merchant community to come into contact of the Buddhist monks.

This resulted in continuous patronage from the merchant guilds for quite a long period.V V Mirashi who later translated the same charter, mentions that the last line of the charter reads, ‘a canine tooth’.