Dating cheating boyfriend

05-Oct-2017 22:27

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One night during this time, a guy named Elliott walked me home after class.

Whatever we talked about was not interesting, but I could tell that Elliott was interested and I liked the feeling of being desired.

The fact that I'm in a committed, monogamous relationship today is almost beside the point.

I thought I was in love with her, and so I came clean and told Rick I was having an affair.

Though my relationship with Justin had yet to turn sexual, it felt inevitable.

There was nothing that he or anyone could have done to stop me. Around the time they started dating, Elliott stopped returning my emails.

He was doing me a favor by cutting me off, but of course I didn't see it that way then. Recovery began when I finally started taking responsibility for my actions: I went to rehab for my alcoholism, and my addiction to sex and love. They tell you to take time away from dating, but I couldn't do that.The impossibility of my actually being with either of them made it all the more exciting. Then, once while drunk, I leaned into Justin and kissed him. I immediately regretted it, knowing exactly what would happen. Like my relationship with Brie, my friendship with Justin would be destroyed.