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One is left with the impression that churches are like big social clubs, identical to anything one sees in secular culture–an odd message indeed considering that the churches are clearly fundagelical and thus very likely would resent such a comparison in any other context.Disclaimer: I’ve never actually watched any dating shows before. I’ve got a big glass of Marsala to go with this show because Mr.We couldn’t rely on our own wisdom or judgment, went the explicit teaching, so we had to rely on what we thought our god was telling us to do. We thought pastors and other such leaders had an extra-strong Jesus Aura, so they were considered to have special powers of discernment with regard to what “Jesus” wanted. She wanted to be married with kids by 28, but obviously that didn’t work out.I’m expecting a lot of that sort of pre-chewed nonsense out of this dating show. She’s a lovely African-American woman, slim and fashionable with gorgeous hair.Close your eyes while the shows play, and you’d be excused for thinking you were listening to an especially odd episode of and all those sorts of shows, with the single person in question pestered interminably by tons of outsiders and barely even able to talk to the potential matches.The uncanny resemblance even extends to the weird challenges/tests that don’t appear to bear any resemblance to anything remotely like a long-term relationship, but which the producers likely thought would entertain viewers.

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I’ve written before about how bad it is in Christian churches for single people seeking marriage.She does knock over one cup but makes the final leap at his command, landing in his arms. They quickly make it through the course with no incidents.(Mr.Captain has moved on to watching WWII movie trailers.The show ran for a couple of seasons from 2014-2015, at which point it just dwindled away, but I don’t watch a lot of reality shows so I didn’t catch it when it first aired.

A Christian singer named Natalie Grant introduces the shows, does a bit of singing, and generally hosts the circus-like proceedings.A couple of them make Jesus-noises or talk up how often they pray or how faithful they are.(Mr. She and Brian dance with the church’s little kids and play Duck-Duck-Goose (he’s not sure he wants kids, which shocks everyone).