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By the end of 1780 the Tories in the upper New River had been defeated and in 1781 a pardon was offered to those who would change sides and a number of the men who had captured Cox and Osborne are found once again on their militia rolls.

Some were also craftsmen and millers and Elisha Bedsaul was a blacksmith.John Cox to his superiors, nor in the pension applications of James Cox and Benjamin Phipps later on.The exception to this may be James Blevins (but probably not).Following the Battle of Alamance, 1771 a group of intermarried families left the Piedmont of North Carolina and moved just across the Virginia border into virgin wilderness along Chestnut Creek and its tributaries.

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These families were mostly Quakers or disowned Quakers and many of the men had been active in the Regulator movement and participated in the Battle of Alamance. The largest extended family was the Quaker Cox family.The Revolutionary War in the upper New River can be divided into two parts.