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15-Sep-2017 19:33

It is not uncommon for a person to feel love for his ex, according to Moushumi Ghose in the article entitled, “My Boyfriend is Still in Love with His Ex.” However, for some reason their relationship did not work out and he does not want to be with her anymore. This is the most important aspect of your relationship.

If he feels love or compassion for his ex, don’t worry about it. He loves his kids, and as the mother of those kids, his ex will share a spot in his heart with them. You don’t want to be the extra tension or stress in his life.

Thus, this story is relevant to this blog post in so far as: Does that sound harsh? But if you've been on the receiving end of a sudden change of life plan you'll know that it's something you wish you'd seen coming so that you could've spent your time & energy elsewhere.

It's something that goes against what we imagine about men; we think they're hard, in control, not very emotional, and that they can ‘take it or leave it'.

Men find this hard to come to terms with because they likely weren't even aware that there was a problem prior to the ‘Dear John' moment.

For those men, the grieving phase is only just beginning and it can take a long time to process.

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However, issues may arise with the mother of your boyfriend’s children.If there is something that bothers you about his relationship with his ex, talk about it.It may be that he does not even notice that it is bothering you.When a woman decides that a relationship is over, she's usually already been distancing herself from it, and the man, for a period time.

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Women gradually fall out of love, and then announce that they ‘don't love you anymore' and that the relationship is over.

He will have to be in contact with his ex from time to time. It is not easy to begin a new relationship with kids.

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