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A psychiatrist should be able to get you to the core of your problem, if things don't improve don't consider yourself helpless - just get another psychiatrist.Not all of them are good or know how to help you out and some sadly have alterior motives.Studies by clinicians at Columbia University in the late 1980s reveal a fascinating and emblematic gender difference concerning fear.When asked to write a fear-laden story about death, male subjects overwhelmingly chose to write about the terror of their own death.To many men, a fearful woman seems a willing captive within the walls of her own home, tending her children, and toiling endlessly with her formulae for improving her life one day when things won't be quite so pressured or hectic.

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They almost never attached their greatest fears to the loss of their own lives, but instead to the sense of powerlessness over the lives of others-- regarded as personal and private.But women sort of like men who show their fear, right? I like when my guy allows himself to show his vulnerablity and dependence, so it doesn't scare me.