Dating gemini man

31-Aug-2017 15:33

He wants to feel loved and cherished, and this can be done by creating anything to express how you feel.He is not someone who wants to get a book for his birthday, or a technical gadget he will not be able to use.He will love with a full heart, never holding back and approach his loved one with care and respect.

A Pisces man likes attention given behind the gift.

This is a man that can easily get lost in opinions of other men around him, and pretend to be what he is not in order to fit in.

The society has certain expectations of men, and a Pisces man will use his flexibility and adaptive nature to blend in, acting in a way he is supposed to.

Dates with a Pisces man are romantic, unplanned and magical.

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He will treat his partner with tenderness and respect, ready to jump into any new adventure, for as long as he is allowed to be what he is.However social he might seem, a Pisces man is a loner.