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14-Sep-2017 02:33

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And I do mean excruciatingly, and thoroughly boring!They also give all of their power away when talking to girls, and try to impress all the time…It’s the reason why they’ll have threesomes and foursomes and whatever else you can think of with a guy like that.Basically, women will have sex with him all the time, whenever he wants to because of the way he makes them FEEL. There are many other reasons why women like bad boys, which I’ll explain below – but they all come back to that one fundamental principle – ELICITING STRONG EMOTIONS.I will soon start Streaming on and answering your questions about dating LIVE, for FREE, while playing my favorite games!

“Pushing” women away goes right to the center of their self-image, agitates them, and makes them feel various strong emotions.And that’s it – that’s the entire mind-blowing secret as to why most women will find this type of man extremely and utterly attractive and why girls like bad boys in general.It’s the reason why they’ll sleep with such a man at the drop of a dime and then fall in love with him.I’ll explain it in more detail below, and show why girls like bad boys in much more depth.

Fact is, a nice guy’s actions can often be interpreted by women as an attempt to buy their affection.I’ll explain everything in great depth, so be sure to read all of it if you truly want to know the underlying reason behind why women like bad boys so much – and why most girls will not respect nice guys or even give them the time of day and instead choose to go out with men who aren’t so “nice”.