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09-Oct-2017 10:45

Even when you do, you get tired long before last call. Because you know you don't have to hang out in a dark club pretending to enjoy weird beeping robot music in order to get laid.4. You won't just have an impulsive one-night stand without being prepared. You can't just get hammered and forget to drink water and make out outside a bar anymore. You go home and go to bed approximately 3 hours before the mating dance truly begins. Not without waking up the following morning feeling like you got hit by a truck, anyway.17.

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You’re in a great place in your life to meet an incredible guy.

It took sacrifice, effort, and focus – but you took the time and found a career that keeps you, if not always 100% motivated, at least interested for now. Somewhere fashionable with friends on a Saturday afternoon?

Now you’re thinking about where you might meet a guy to share it with. And suddenly the worrying truth hits you: You realise that your social scene these days consists mostly of dinners with OTHER couples, or quiet nights in with flatmates watching a movie, or even just weekends catching up on errands and being in your apartment.

You enjoy these things, but you also realise that it’s been a LONG time since you even met a NEW guy, let alone a great one.

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And this is the danger of getting older: We just stop having a life that gets us to meet NEW people.Part of this, you’ll be glad to know, is all your friends’ fault.