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In Bucharest and elsewhere, there are Sunday-morning programs on Jewish subjects, Talmud Torah classes for youth and television programs and centers for historical studies.

When the Romanian-born writer Marcus Ravage arrived in New York in 1900, he found the area thriving; restaurants had opened everywhere, he recalled in a memoir, and the first Romanian delicatessens were displaying "goose-" was the starting point for American pastrami.

Today, there are poignant reminders of Romania's Jewish heritage and roots.

The country is unique in Eastern and Central Europe for its scores of well-maintained synagogues (nearly 100, of which half are still used for worship) and more than 800 cemeteries scattered throughout Romania.

During the 15th and 16th centuries, Polish Jewish merchants set up storehouses, trading posts, and eventually, permanent settlements.

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During the region's domination by the Turks, the Romanian Jewish Community evolved into a prosperous middle class.

The community survived the Holocaust and most of the families moved to Israel. Intricate chandeliers adorn the lofty ceiling and a lavishly carved and brightly painted Aron ha Kodesh overhangs the sanctuary. Mihai Eminescu 403 Botosani's large Jewish Cemetery includes a newer section with tombstones dating from the 19th century and an original old section which has wonderfully carved tombstones. 1 Decembrie 54 Tel: (231) 514.659 For more information please visit: have lived in Brasov since 1807, when Rabbi Aaron Ben Jehuda was given permission to live in the city, a privilege until then granted only to Saxons.

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