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11-Sep-2017 20:10

For many of us who've let our love lives slide in favor of making our careers and other obligations higher on our list of priorities, the recent economic downturn has offered a chance to rediscover the joys of spending quality time with someone special."I met the guy of my dreams, and we've been blissfully happy for six months," said Washingtonian Mary Ann, 45. while I still might have met him, I never would have entered into this relationship so easily if I'd stayed at my high-pressured corporate job. While I'd love for the recession to end soon and bring a time of renewed prosperity for everyone, I'd also like us to remember a couple of love lessons we've all learned from these tough times."It's terrible to wrap your relationship self-worth around what you can buy.I don't feel the need to impress as much as I used to.We learned to share our concerns and problem-solve, which bonded us.

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For the past two years, I've been dating a terrific small business owner whose income has been hit by the recession, so it's an adjustment. But the good [things] I'm getting out of this new relationship outweighs all of that. Not that you should have to choose between financial goodies and a fabulous love life.While there's no doubt this assertion is true, not all couples react to financial stress in the same way.The truth is, it really just depends on the two people involved.Unemployment soared to 10 percent in January 2009 as companies closed doors or cut costs to ride out the rough times [source: BLS].

During recessions, job security becomes the number one priority as workers flock toward so-called recession-proof businesses.

Reality: "Two years ago, I was single and dates were scarce — but at least I was busy and successful at work, with no money troubles," said Marylander Nadia, 34.