Dating service accdb

16-Jul-2017 13:24

dont know how to open it now, maybee my only solution is to reinstall Access 2007 in order to open it suggest me other solution before ?

thanks Are you sure your .accdb file is not damaged?

They don't work like a normal file that you have to explicitly modify to update the date - it does some things when you open it up, whether you want it to or not.

Just did a quick test - if you set the database file to read-only, it doesn't update itself.

Hi everyone, I installed Access Runtime and Access Database Engine but my file don't open (for the same reason I wrote above).

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Have I flipped a switch somewhere that makes it do this? Put something in it, nothing, or close it only a second after creating it.

since my database never opened have any idea what is it?

thanks again Claire Which of the solutions do you have tried? I'm not sure and others might help you better, but perhaps you need "Access Runtime" from Microsoft, or for ODBC you need "Access Database Engine".

When working with an Access .accdb, every time I open the file, I see that the 'date modified' in the filesystem changes to now. Sure, I probably have backups, and backups to my backups, and table data saved separately from my code, and version history taking up multiple gigabytes of the filesystem or in emails or where ever...

I can't be the only person who has ever saved a working db, and opened it a few weeks or months later to an error.Get the latest version from the download page, unpack and run msi file to install the program.

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