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01-Nov-2017 10:03

That said, if you do encounter hassle it’s best to remain firm, assertive and disinterested.

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Guatemala is, on the whole, a safe country for female travellers, and it’s an extremely popular destination for thousands of solo travellers, most of whom have an amazing experience.

So although the early Maya may have been influenced by the Olmec in some ways, it seems unlikely that they learned to build monumental architecture from them.

Did the Maya independently develop their own tradition of monuments?

There has been a resurgence of interest in Maya spiritualism among young, educated Guatemalans since the end of the civil war, and attending “shamanic colleges” has become fashionable.

Guatemala City also has tiny Jewish and Muslim communities. Toilets are nearly always Western-style (the squat bog is very rare), with a bucket for your used paper. Public toilets are rare; some are quite well looked after by an attendant who charges a fee to enter and sells toilet paper, others are filthy.

Guatemalan men very rarely wear shorts, except on the beach, but foreigners can do as they please without offence – except perhaps to a formal engagement.

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