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When you come to Russia, you can only live at this person's place.

American male citizens also need to fill in a very strange paper (called "a supplement to visa application form") to make sure they will not be spying in Russia.

UK citizens don't need to present the insurance documents as NHS is valid in Russia. French citizens sometimes are also requited to present bank statements for the last 3 months and a copy of their return tickets (as well as insurance, as above).

If you're applying for a tourist visa in France, Belgium, Sweden, Switzerland, Australia, New Zealand, or Taiwan you will need to present an itinerary that details every day of your stay in Russia.

with at least one blank page (for a visa), the expiration date should be not earlier than 3 months after your visa validity ends.

Sometimes you may be required to present two photocopies of your passport (copy all the most important pages of the passport -- showing your name, birth date, photo, passport number, expiration date).2.

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If you're getting a visa for longer than 10 days in Sweden, the Russian consulate in Sweden may ask you to provide a proof that you fully paid your accommodation, so either get those proofs, try a shorter stay or get a business visa instead :) Most Russian consulates do not require originals of the invitation papers: a fax or a scanned copy (sent to you via e-mail) is enough.

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