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12-Oct-2017 18:28

"I don't worry about her being safe — she's been trained and she's careful — but it's not a 9-to-5 job, and we have a baby," he says."It's definitely something to get used to." for everybody."Anyone who's in law enforcement, firefighting, rock climbing or race car driving has a personality that's not risk-adverse," says Worick, who — seduced by the glamour and intrigue of an FBI job — briefly dated the aforementioned special agent."For those of us who value our lives a bit more, this can be really alluring." But dating someone in a high-risk job isn't just about receiving exciting phone calls from top-security government locations or donning bits of your date's uniform during foreplay.Christine says that she likes her firefighter boyfriend's regular schedule (he works 24 hours on the clock, and then has 48 hours off) and she especially appreciates the fact that he's not overly dramatic about it. It makes me happy that he helps people for a living."In previous relationships, I got used to drama and weirdness and miscommunication," Christine says. I wasn't one of those firefighter aficionados before, but now I am!"One time we stayed up really late and he only got a couple of hours of sleep, and then I didn't have time to get him any breakfast the next day," she recalls.

According to the American Social Health Association, a nonprofit dedicated to preventing STDs, more than 65 million Americans live with a viral sexually transmitted disease such as herpes, human papillomavirus (HPV), hepatitis B and HIV.

" Those thinking about seeking out a firefighter, soldier, special agent or paramedic simply for the glamour (or bragging rights) that come along with the territory may want to heed Worick's words when she says that, for her, the reality didn't match up with the fantasy of her high-risk romance.

"On the first date, the FBI guy showed up 45 minutes late because he'd been looking for free parking, which wasn't a quality I had associated with a special agent," Worick says.

"If you talk about things, they don't get so large," explains Treat. Kristal is proud of her boyfriend's military service — and, despite all the anxiety she experienced regarding his two deployments overseas (he made it home safe both times), she says that she wouldn't have it any other way.

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"Spending time with my best friend is worth it," says Kristal.The worst possibility there is that somebody would throw an eraser at him or her." For couples who want to carry on despite these issues, though, Treat says that it's important to recognize some of the hallmarks of these risk-laden jobs.