Dating with hpv genital warts

22-Jan-2018 23:57

Researchers examined DNA from tissue samples of about 100 men and women and found that 69 percent were infected with HPV.

The most common place to have an HPV infection was the skin — 61 percent of participants had an HPV infection on the skin, followed by 41 percent who had vaginal infections, 30 percent who had mouth infections and 17 percent who had gut infections.

Just 4 percent of people in the study were infected with HPV-16 or HPV-18, the two strains of HPV that cause the majority of cervical cancers.

If you take antiviral drugs for genital herpes and the treatment isn't working, your doctor can test the virus you have for resistance.

Zhiheng Pei, a pathologist at New York University's Langone Medical Center.

In fact, although people tend to think of viral infections as "bad," it's possible that infection with some HPV strains may have benefits, Pei said.

The more HIV replicates, the more of the body's infection-fighting cells it destroys, eventually leading to AIDS (acquired immune deficiency syndrome).

People infected with both HIV and the herpes virus may have longer-lasting, more frequent, and more severe outbreaks of herpes symptoms, because a weakened immune system can't keep the herpes virus under control as well as a healthy immune system can.If you already know that you have herpes and HIV, discuss treatment options with your doctor.

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